Investing and
important aspects
of wealth

Investing is the most important aspect of wealth management. Other activities are important but they are centered around the core of investing. Blue Edge integrates all the activities around the core to create a platform that completes & hopefully exceeds your execution and investment management needs and expectations.

The Core

Investment Policy Statement

Understanding your wealth objectives clearly and documenting them is the first element of achieving investment success. Our team works with you to define for yourself what you would like your wealth to do for you. Investment success is defined as making your wealth work hard for you, towards the objectives you set out, while ensuring you always sleep well at night.

Asset Allocation

The base asset allocation decision flows from the investment policy as laid out by the family. The asset allocation process is dynamic and re-calibrated basis evolving macroeconomic conditions & market opportunities towards generating the optimum level of portfolio return while controlling portfolio risk (as measured by portfolio volatility) wherever applicable.

Manager Selection

Manager evaluation involves due diligence to identify the best managers based on the suitability & sustainability of their investment strategy & risk control policy. Every manager has a different edge. Understanding how he generates the performance and whether that edge is sustainable is the key to manager selection.

Portfolio Construction

Families typically construct their portfolio bottom-up, basis a combination of individual managers, investment strategies and individual securities within the overall asset allocation framework laid out in line with their stated unique investment policy. The portfolio construct is again dynamic and executed with a relentless pursuit to be ahead of the curve & positioned for opportunities as they are emerging.

Financial Architecture

Seamless Investment Execution

Key to achieving investment success is the architecture of Blue Edge as the family’s investment office enabling execution of investment decisions with speed, accuracy and consistency. The time lag between an investment decision and investment execution should be a variable that we define & control to optimise the investment outcome. It cannot be the other way wherein it is a limitation / uncontrollable variable to work around. For instance, NSE (India’s largest stock exchange) is the chosen partner through their NMF platform enabling fast, accurate & seamless execution of investments in managed funds.

Accurate, Timely, Sophisticated yet lucid Portfolio Reporting

At any time you ask for, you need to get a lucid and precise presentation of your portfolio composition & performance and that's what you can expect each time.

Institutional Security Custody

An independent, institutional custodian brings unparalleled security & continuity to the management of your hard-earned wealth. By choosing to separate professional fund management and setting up an independent institutional custodial, the highest level of compliance and transparency can be achieved as the portfolio holding & performance reporting is done by the independent custodian and not the manager of the funds itself.

Portfolio Tax Reporting

The actions of the investment manager on the tax aspects are not complete unless it is assured that the Accountants are in sync in their final tax filings. Keeping this in mind, comprehensive reporting is essential and that is ready-made through providers for your accountant/tax partner to use in the computation for an accurate reporting basis.

Banking & Financing Integration

Banking infrastructure for both investment & non-investment flows should be integrated both for efficient money management as well as for a hassle-free, efficient banking service delivery. Through our strong linkages with several Financial Institutions across Banks & NBFCs we can facilitate most suitable, efficient & cost-competitive service to our clients, by bringing to their doorsteps strong and efficient financial institutions.

Estate Planning

We can help you work with professional lawyers & leading professional trust service providers to assist setup appropriate succession structures from basic Wills to Private Family Trusts to ensure protection and continuity of family wealth through the referral route.

Business Wealth

Often client’s wealth and income is substantially invested in their primary businesses. There could be a time when you might, for instance, consider divesting from the business to unlock value or for personal family reasons or to raise growth capital for the business. This requires careful planning and identifying the right institutions to deliver the solution to you. With our networks of referral associate corporate finance outfits, we are able to identify & work with the most suitable service providers based on parameters such as your specific industry sector, size, type of capital requirement etc.

Key Terms and Disclosures

Blue Edge as a Multi-Family Investment Office is not a RIA and acts as a bridge for its clients by aggregating the best-in-class financial market service providers across verticals on a single platform via distribution and referral tie-ups. For investments executed by clients using Blue Edge’s aggregation platform as a Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD) or distribution partner for a Portfolio Management Services / AIF etc., the platform receives compensation from the respective Mutual Fund / PMS / AIF etc. towards distribution / referral fee and not from the client. This compensation so received is disclosed & agreed as a commercial understanding between the respective families and Blue Edge for availing the platform’s services.

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