Sophisticated Means,
Simple Delivery

If any client is asked a question, what he would like with respect to his wealth, whichever way it is answered, at the core the message would be very straight-forward & simple: don’t give me sleepless nights but make my money work hard.

The means to achieve this balance is our PWMs experience, skill, training & track record in creating portfolios. Delivering that outcome, their job. Sophisticated means, simple delivery.

That’s the Blue Edge.

The family can create their portfolio using a combination of asset classes across mutual funds (debt and equity) and through the referral route into real estate, alternatives, direct bonds and stocks and private equity funds etc. The portfolios are created by the PWMs are carefully calibrated combination of asset classes across Fixed Income, Equities, Real Estate (referral based) & Alternatives and a selection of securities/investment vehicles: direct bonds, mutual funds, direct stocks (referral based), yield-based commercial real estate (referral based), private equity funds etc. Natural hedges are created in the core construct of the portfolio basis the varying correlation of returns of each asset class in relation to each other & to the changing market dynamics.

An overlay of time/event based hedging strategies using futures/options on equity/interest rates can be applied to control portfolio risk (volatility) as required by the family, if the client so requests.

Our PWMs possess an equal ability to ride successful investments for years on end basis an understanding of the size of an opportunity over a longer period as well as to opportunistically play shorter-term themes/market opportunities wherever the risk-return is very attractive.

Most families have orientation towards “Absolute Return”. Playing defensive when return opportunities are scarce & not commensurate with the risk & assuming such risk only when the potential return achievable is asymmetric to the level of perceived risk. The endeavour is a relentless pursuit of navigating the markets to make those determinations consistently to achieve the wealth objectives.